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The Iranian people have spoken. With their feet on the streets, they have started an irrevocable process that can only end–possibly through a more tortuous road–in their victory.

Once again, elections set the stage for determining the people’s will. As it was in the Philippines in 1986, so there is now an unfolding people’s struggle in Iran. The ruling Iranian elite is faced with the choice of becoming an unmasked dictatorship or bowing to the people’s desire for a more democratic Iran. Whatever the choice is, the people’s will will prevail.

The unfolding Iranian drama is relevant to the current Philippine political situation. With the 2010 elections just around the corner, there is a desperate attempt to ram through an unpopular “constituent assembly” and thereby scuttle the presidential election. With more than three-fourths of the people against Con-Ass at this point, there is a developing people’s movement against such a move.

Electoral fraud is not yet the issue; the extension of GMA’s stay in power either through a parliamentary shift or a caretaker government via martial rule is the current issue. For the vast majority of citizens waiting for the 2010 elections, Con-Ass represents an undemocratic threat that only people power can ultimately confront.

So it is in Iran, so it may be again in the Philippine’s future.

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